Get Backlinks - is a new project of well-known company CHECKPAGERANK.NET which, for the last 8 years, developed a reputation as a leader in search engines optimisation and also in analysis of websites and domain names. The concept of lies in providing internet customers with a platform where internet sites can find partners for banners or links exchange.

Buyers looking for targeted banner ads or quality links simply come to AskLink and run a quick search based on what they’re looking for. When they find websites that match their marketing goals, they simply notify to contact the seller. The buyer and seller take it from there and complete their transaction. It’s that simple.

You can always check your negotiations history at My Office page. Listing on is free!


  1. Advertisers buy quality, guaranteed inventory directly from publishers.
    Publishers sell ads directly to advertisers.
    No middle man. Fully Transparent. Self-serve.
  2. Every account on AskLink is managed by a real human and we encourage dialogue between advertisers and publishers.
    Asklink enables you to negotiate anonymously through a traditional offer/counter-offer system.
  3. You know and control exactly what you’re buying and how much do you pay.
    You can specify topic, language, PageRank and much more of each backlink and reject any links you do not want.
    You choose on what types of web sites you will advertise - so your ad riches the right people.
    Using “Automatic Banners exchange” networks can actually hurt your brand.
    Do you know where your ad is showing up? Some estimates say that 80% of ad network impressions are on irrelevant websites or places
    you definitely don’t want to associate your company with. Paying for ad networks can be an“easy task” but you lose the quality and control.
    The only way to control exactly where your ad will run is to pick the publisher and work directly with them.
  4. AskLink is totally free for advertisers and publishers with no markups or hidden fees.

Additional Guidelines:

In order to provide the best possible marketplace for our customers, we request that you follow these guidelines:

  1. No external links are permitted.
  2. Listings may not promote or link to any products, services, companies, or sites other than the website listed.
  3. No illegal or hateful content is permitted.
  4. No pyramid or spam-related content is permitted.

Any website that violates any of our guidelines may be rejected, or deleted without notice.

Get Backlinks