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How to Create Backlinks and Why They Are so Important?

It is commonly known that Google is, perhaps, the most popular and biggest search engine worldwide. Thus you should take into consideration that the rank of your website is really important when you want it to be found on the first pages of Google. In Google optimization much prominence is given to content of your site, its formatting and linking. That is why it is essential to focus on good backlinks – they increase ranking of your website on Google searches.

Here are some easy steps to create workable backlink that will definitely help you to promote your website successfully.

  1. Use websites with current high ranking to place your link. There are so many places that meet your requirements! However, there are a few shortages: do not become a freeloader. Firstly you have to post a comment or blog so you add useful information to the site. Become a guest author of various news sites and add your link to your text at the end. Assure yourself that the site you have chosen has no “no follow” code. The most popular and powerful social sites like Youtube and Facebook have such code so there is no use to place backlinks there. Of course, people will be able to visit your website clicking the link on such sites, however, Google ranking will not count them.
  2. Creativity work. You can create software or plugins that include links to your website.
  3. Create Google profiles for key employees of your company with link of your website in it. Thus you will get round “no follow” code.
  4. Use video marketing. This way is useful in two directions: if you post videos with link to your website people can not only visit your website with help of the link but they can also put your video to their websites. Thus the rank of your site will increase.
  5. Use to exchange or buy backlinks! Communicate with businessmen of your niche and exchange links with them. Here you have a great opportunity to choose appropriate backlinks taking into consideration topic, language, Page rank and many other options. Thus you are able to promote your website in the most successful and effective way and you know what are you paying for.

There are other ways to create backlinks, yet, here you can find the easiest ones. Choose the one that hits the spot and go for it!

Get Backlinks