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Banners Exchange! Links Exchange! is a free public service that allows members to exchange banners, to buy banners and to exchange links or to buy links.

Unlike any other Banners Exchange Programs AskLink offers Manual Banners and Links Exchange! The disadvantage of any Automatic Banners Exchange Programs is that you give up complete control over where your ads are posted and what ads are posted on your site. Automatic banner exchange programs choose where to put your banner ads, and you may not like what they post on your site or where they post your banner ad. In most cases you will be very disappointed with any automatic banners exchange program. offers Manual Banners Exchange and Links Exchange.

You can specify topic, language, the age of the website, and much more for each placed link. Banners and links exchange through AskLink can be free or paid depending on the traffic and the quality of your website. For those who do not want to exchange banners or links you can choose the option to buy links or banners.

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AskLink Rank (AR) is a method we use to determine how well established is your website and how much you can ask for placing a banner or link on your website.

AskLinkRank measured from 0 - 10 points where 10 is most positive and 0 is least positive.

AskLinkRank (Banners Exchange Rank)is based on backlinks, traffic and the age of the website.

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