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Keywords determine how the search engines see your site and consequently how well your site ranks and how much traffic you bring in. It is the basic foundation to any successful website.


What you get:

A complete list of the most easy to rank keywords that will get you to top of Google for your chosen niche with monthly search volume in EXACT search format - based on the very best competition analysis method in existence. Basically, the most awesome keywords that will shot your site to the top! We will also let you know which keywords you must avoid at all costs.

We will give you clear and precise instructions on which keywords to go for and which keywords to stay away from. If you are trying to get ranked on Google,you definitely need this service!

You can now know for sure which keywords will be successful and which ones will FAIL. You can also get multiple top rankings by using all our recommended keywords!

How it works:

  1. Tell us your niche or what your website is about.
  2. We will analyze that entire niche (example: cheap cars, burn fat, Dallas apartments,etc) using the most advanced research methods in existence.
  3. We will hand you a complete list of the most EASY TO RANK keywords in that niche to dominate Google 1st page rankings with scientific accuracy. These keywords can be ranked fast and easy.
  4. If you have a new or already established website, focus your SEO compagn based on our recommendations and keep adding content based on our recommended keywords to pull in more traffic and watch your visitor numbers and sales soar.

With this service, your competition are analyzed in a way that you have never done before for every page authority metrics available including PR, domain authority, backlinks, anchor texts, and much much more - all delivered to you within 2-4 working days.

If you don't understand any of these techie stuff, don't worry, just tell us your niches and leave the rest to us! No guessing, no errors and no research whatsoever on your part.

Adwords Keyword Tool and other keyword tools can deliver huge list of keywords and long tails, but to put it bluntly, they are pretty much useless in showing you which keywords you can RANK for in Google top positions. Other paid tools simply do not take into account as many ranking factors as we do.

The number of keywords we generate depends on your niche. In average about 50-100 but could be lower or higher. Our focus is on quality not quantity!

Please check an example of the list you will get.


Difficulty Column

Numbers above 70 - Extremely hard to rank for (included in your file for reference purposes only on which keywords to avoid)

We recommend keywords with Difficulty of 40 and below. They are good to go. The lower you go, the better. 

The lower the number in the Difficulty column, the easier it is to rank for.

On this list you will see keywords recommended to the website working in banners/links exchange business.

Research was first done on link/banner exchange keywords. Then we moved on to other related keywords like advertising your website, getting traffic, making money with website, getting backlinks, etc.

Most easy to target are keywords with a Difficulty ranking of 40 and below.

As you can see since the link/banner exchange is very competitive there are not too many keywords in the file of 40 and below. The next best are keywords Difficulty number of 50 and below. Do not attempt to target keywords with Difficulty of 70 and above as failure would be of high probability which is the case with a majority of people who do not perform keyword research first. We are not saying its impossible, but the failure probability would be high.

Keywords monitoring service.

There are many keywords monitoring services online. We recommend You can monitor up to 100 keywords and it cost $19.99/month.

You will have Keywords Research Report accompanied with our explanations and recommendations

If you interested in some of the moderate to rank or slightly harder keywords in the list (as long as not Difficulty of 70 and above) and you need us to recommend you a backlinks service, we will. In fact, many people have asked us to recommend  them a good SEO Backlink service if they know that their niche are quite competitive as they trust our recommendation. There are too many SEO backlinks service claiming to be the best and people don't know which ones to choose, so we'll help you out on this.

Make sure any backlinks that you  build looks natural and diverse. Do not build junk/spam backlinks or Google will not rank you site.

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Price - $75.00

When to expect Report: Within 2-4 days

What Information We need from you: URL of Website/your possible questions

After submitting your payment, you will be redirected to a form that will allow you to fill in and send the above information directly to us.


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