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Exchange Links! is a free public service that allows members to exchange links or to buy links. You can specify topic, language, the age of the website, and much more for each placed link.Links exchange through AskLink can be free or paid depending on the traffic and the quality of your website. For those who do not want to exchange links you can choose the option to buy links.

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Links Exchange Information and Tips

Links exchange, if you do it right, has been a good practice practice in the internet ever since. Links exchange can have a very positive impact on your traffic and much improve your business position.

Do not exchange links if:

  • Other website is unrelated to your site niche.
  • Other website has no valuable information.
  • Other website has lots of outbound links.
  • Other website is new. No history,No backlinks, no presence.

Do exchange links if:

  • Other website is very popular and can give you a lot of traffic
  • Other have a good information that is related to your website niche
  • Other are not in direct competition with your website
  • Other are a high quality website
  • Other appear in search results with the same or similar keywords as yours

Buying Links Information and Tips

We do not really encourage you to buy links.We recommend to exchange links with quality websites in the similar business niche.But if you really come up with the idea of buying links please check the following guidelines:

The more links the better is no longer the case. Now, the quality of the inbound links is far more important than the number of links. Many companies that tried to trick the system by purchasing many top ranked but unrelated links have been punished and even removed from search engine results

What is a safe link?

Your link should be in relevant text and on the relevant websites only! Never place your link on spammy pages with lots of unrelated links! There should be very few links on that page. Homepages are the most powerful links, but inner pages are better for a safer link. Buying links in moderation -5- 10 new links a month maximum on newer sites is recommended

How to attract natural traffic:

Keep making your site better. Know when to quit buying links. Try to make your site popular. Keep your site regularly updated and people will keep coming back.Do you have content on your site that would be useful to the audience of the other site? If so, then email that site owner suggesting where it might be useful to link to you. Make it so that people can comment on your site or reference you.

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